At Iktaara, we do our bit to make this world a better place, one product at a time. The proceeds from our product sales are donated towards various causes. We urge you to do your bit. When you buy from Iktaara, you help a child, an animal and Mother Earth.


“iktaara’s designs originate from a wondrous world of magic and fantasy.

iktaara is a calling to reconnect with your inner child.

As a visual storyteller with a global aesthetic, every product is carefully curated and crafted to bring joy."

Vision: To create emotions and experiences that evoke the child within.

Mission: Weaving wondrous worlds and stories on everyday objects, making gifting enjoyable and bringing art to all.

iktaara by Kanika Gupta is an eclectic collection of artisanal and bespoke products tuned to meet the aspirations of the design conscious Indian. 



iktaara's unique collections explore the boundless joys of Indian decorative arts with a tongue-in-cheek modern aesthetic. The prints iktaara brings to life stem from seeds of thoughts formed while patronizing a rich selection of cultural references, nature stories, the worlds of mythology and a bounty of doodled art. Ultimately, every product exudes quality craftsmanship and individuality that only a finely curated product can enhance.

Curated Collections theme based collection of unique stationery, playing cards, accessories like cushions, gifts, wooden boxes, stationery


Published Collections picture books, colouring books, doodling books

Bespoke CollectionsWedding invitations, corporate festive gifting, customised wallpapers and murals

Monsoon is here!

Celebrate the season with designer umbrellas.

Explore our Original Art Collection

View our original artwork - many of which forms the basis for our products. You can also shop one-off limited edition prints.

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For commissioned artworks, murals, collaborations, mail

We donnot make caricatures and portarits. 

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