UNIVERSE AT A PARTY CUSHION COVER Universe at a Party Cushion Cover. Square cushion cover. Navy, white and multicolor . Premium quality fabric. Soft cotton. Unique illustration. Single cover. Button fastening on the back. Circus in the Universe series. • Size: 16 x 16 In • Navy and white • Premium quality fabric • Button fastening at the back A vibrant number from our collection, Circus in the Universe, here, the party has just begun. Celestial friends have trickled in, in a perfect harmony of colors. Dreaming, floating, going merry, the unique illustrations form a colorful contrast to the navy background. Let the fun vibe enter the living room or take the party to the study room chair, this cushion cover lends itself to all spaces. With its three-button back fastening, it’s a breeze to change the covers when needed. And if you’re looking for a cool gift, this one doesn’t fail to amuse.

Universe on a carousal Cushion Cover

SKU: IKT0061g