2020 DESK CALENDER - YOG WITH SURYA NAMASKAR Yog in Surya Namaskar Desk Calendar 2020. 15x12 in. Premium textured paper. Black & white illustration. Inspirational and informative text about mantras and chakras. Cute and fun illustrations showing Surya Namaskar positions/asanas. • 6 x 6 in. • Desk calendar • Year: 2020 • Made of premium textured paper • Features Surya Namaskar positions/asanas • Includes informative text about mantras and chakras • Comes in a quirky paper box Turning pages of a calendar never felt so darn healthy and well. With this 2020 calendar, you’ll never forget the sequence of Surya Namaksar asanas. Yog takes you through each of the positions, and the unique mantras and chakras associated with each of the 12 asanas. Illustrated in a manner that both children and adults will follow and enjoy, the calendar can add a fun touch to a child’s study table or a professional’s work desk. Whether you’re trying to stay up to date with your calendar of meetings or looking for a pretty, fun gift, the Yog in Surya Namaskar Calendar fits well.


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