STRIPEY’S WORLD CUSHION COVER Stripey’s World cushion cover. Square cushion cover. Grey and white. Premium quality fabric. Soft cotton. Unique illustration. Features a fun stuffed toy. Single cover. Button fastening on the back. Circus in the Universe series. • Size: 16 x 16 in • Grey and white • Premium quality fabric • Button fastening at the back • Features playful illustrations Here, a star; there, a plant, here, an astronaut. Floating in Stripey’s World, this cushion cover features playful illustrations of celestial beings and plants on grey and white stripes. Designed in premium quality cotton, the cushion cover mingles well with all kinds of fun and playful contemporary décor styles. Throw it on the living room sofa, the bed or the reading armchair. Let it be blend in with other cushion covers from our collection, Circus in the Universe. What is more, Iktaara ensures your spending goes to a good cause. We donate the sales proceeds to a number of social and environmental causes. Help someone while you enhance your home.

Stripey's Realm World Cushion Cover

SKU: IKT0061i