SPACE TAILS CUSHION COVER Space tails cushion cover. Square cushion cover. Navy and white. Premium quality fabric. Soft cotton. Unique illustration. Single cover. Button fastening on the back. Circus in the Universe series. • Size: 16 x 16 in • Color : Navy and white • Premium quality fabric • Button fastening at the back Here, a whimsical leaping animal, there, a magical floofer, and here again, a beautiful being with an amusing hat. Is this a circus, is this a play, or is it a universe full of fairy-tale events? Our Space Tails Cushion Cover is more than a home accessory; it’s a tale of tails. Illustrated in blue and white, here, one time-travels to the childhood and child-like play. Designed with premium quality fabric, the composition features fun and mystical illustrations that can blend in with all kinds of décor and all rooms. Whether it’s the children’s room, the master bedroom or the living room, this square cushion cover can add a quirky twist to all spaces. Throw it on the couch or let it mingle with pillows on the bed, go imaginative with the way you use it.

Space Tails Cushion Cover

SKU: IKT0061f