Bring in the Light!Yoga lovers, induldge in some Yoga art for your walls with these 12 step Salutations to the Sun with the Surya Namsakar let your space Shine on!Premium textured paper. Black & white illustration. Inspirational and informative text about mantras and chakras. Cute and fun illustrations showing Surya Namaskar positions/asanas. • 11x11 in.• Features Surya Namaskar positions/asanas• Includes informative text about mantras and chakrasyou’ll never again forget the sequence of Surya Namaksar steps.Yog takes you through each of the Surya Namaskar positions, the unique mantras and chakras associated with each of the 12 positions/asanas. Illustrated in a manner that both children and adults will follow and enjoy.The collection can add a fun touch to any room – study, living or the bedroom.   Please note the frame in the picture is not included.12 prints on premium 300 gsm textured paper included.

Salutations to the Sun- The Surya Namaskar Wall

SKU: IK00172