Want to showcase a special corner of your abode? Want to spruce up a child’s bedroom or a play corner? Iktaara has the perfect answer with these fairy tale wallpapers. Made with hand drawn illustrations and bold colors and graphics, these wallpapers add a story to any plain wall. Intricate characters, mystical creatures and mythological heroes are part of the story here.

Made from high-quality Textured wall paper material and a long lasting printing process, these wallpapers are easy to install and do not affect the paint underneath when you want to remove it. But ultimately, these fairy tale wallpapers are sure to bring out the child in you… and your guests too!

We have two great designs to choose from:


Little Krishna Collection


Lord Krishna is perhaps the most loved among all Indian deities and stories from his childhood draw laughter and devotion alike. This wallpaper illustrates the various feats of the Lord as a child. From stealing butter from a vat, his flirtations with gopikas or his meditative pose while playing the flute, this wallpaper is a great visual metaphor to share his story with young ones.


The Little Krishna Collection comprises hand drawn illustrations in black and white and printed on Textured wall paper material


The rate above is Rs 250/- per square feet.

Little Krishna Wall paper

SKU: IK0080