JUMPING JACK CUSHION COVER Jumping Jack cushion cover. Square cushion cover. Navy, white and multicolor. Premium quality fabric. Soft cotton. Unique illustration. Single cover. Button fastening on the back. Circus in the Universe series. • Size: 16 x 16 in • Color : Navy, white and multicolor • Material : Premium quality fabric • Button fastening at the back Here’s Jumping Jack in the Circus of the Universe, floating, dreaming, sleeping and enjoying fantasy. Brings into every home, a tinge of playfulness. This very playful illustration is peppered with a rainbow of colors that balance out the navy background and white stars. Crafted with premium quality fabric, it comes with three-button fastening at the back. Fill it up with a cushion; give it a spot on the couch or the armchair by the reading lamp. Let it accompany kids in their room or let it charm the living room. If it’s the gift-giving season and you’re looking for fun keepsakes, the Jumping Jack Cushion Cover can make the world a happier place. Iktaara also gives back, donating the sale amount to a number of social, environmental causes.

Jumping Jack Cushion Cover

SKU: IKT0061e