IT'S A FLORAL PARTY GIFT ENVELOPE – Set of 6 It's a Floral Party Gift Envelope. Set of 6. Premium quality paper. Pink, peach and pastel hues. Unique illustration. • Premium quality paper envelope • Set of 6 • Pink, peach and pastels • Features a floral design A splash of pink, peach, green and purple, our love for nature blossoms on our Floral Party Envelopes. The soft subtle pastel hues on the front are complemented with a plain grey on the back. A set of 6 envelopes, perfect for sealing a gift voucher, cash gift, invitation cards and greeting cards. The set of six comes handy when you want to ensure you seal the best gift in the prettiest of covers. Even better, this set of envelope could be given as a gift, too.

Gift envelopes (set of 6)- it's a floral party

SKU: IK00134