ROCKET MAN CUSHION COVER Rocket Man Cushion Cover. Square cushion cover. Navy, black and white. Premium quality fabric. Soft cotton. Unique illustration. Features a fun stuffed toy. Single cover. Button fastening on the back. Circus in the Universe series. • Size: 18 x 18 in • Navy, black and white • Premium quality fabric • Button fastening at the back • Features a fun toy Rocket man’s here; now, he’s gone; and now, he’s back again! Our Rocket Man Cushion Cover is not just something that keeps you comfy. It’s even a toy to play with. The cushion cover features a rocket man soft toy, at times hiding behind the moon and at times floating among the stars. Featuring a navy cushion cover with black and white illustrations, the cushion is made of premium quality cotton. This cushion features a three-button fastening at the back. A perfect functional staple for the kids’ room, it even mingles well with linen in the living room. If you’re looking for a unique gift, we promise, this one’s as fun as it can get. Whatever you do, keep it playful!

Pocket Rocket Man Cushion & Toy

SKU: IK0061b