Induldge in Wellness Food, with these Animal Yogis.

The animals inYog coasters serves a perfect carpet for that cup of green tea, lime juice or your cup of coffee for you well being.

Each coaster is an ASANA named after the animal pose.

The set of 6 inclused the 1.

Peacock pose- Mayurasana,

2.the Monkey Pose -Hanumanasana, 3.

The Rabbit Pose- Sasakasana,

4.The Firefly pose-Tittibhasana,

5.The Lion Pose-Simhasana, and the

6.Downward facing Dog pose-Adho mukha svanasana.

This set of 6 coasters crafted from wood, states its commitment to sustainability and environment. Do you love responsible retail and beautiful design as much as we do? Go for this set of coasters with premium quality print and glossy finish if you’re looking to pep up your Yoga or for a quirky gift.


Animals in Yog coasters(set of 6)

SKU: IK00171