2020 DESK CALENDAR – FOUNTAIN OF JOY Fountain of Joy Desk Calendar 2020. 15x12 in. Premium textured paper. Black & white illustration. Inspirational and motivational quotations on each page. Cute and fun illustrations. • 6 x 6 in. • Desk calendar • Year: 2020 • Made of premium textured paper • Features inspirational quotations and fun illustrations • Comes in a quirky paper box This year, say “yes” to being the best version of yourself. With our 2020 desk calendar, Fountain Of Joy, look no further. Surround yourself with thoughts – of kindness, love, faith, belief and more. Each of the 12 black and white charming illustrations seem to ask, “what’s life without whimsy”? Created for both young and old, child and adult, the calendar lends itself well to kids’ study desks and adults’ work desks alike. Stay up to date with work events and festivals or wrap up with fun paper as gift.

2020 Desk calender- Explore the Fountain of Joy within

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