Circus in the Universe



Circus in the Universe is a new collection from Iktaara by Kanika Gupta. It brings forth a cherubic look at the circus against a magical backdrop of the universe.

When worlds collide, happiness ensues.

Since time immemorial, the circus has always been a place of wonder. Where reality is replaced by the imagination of the ring master. Where anthropomorphized wild creatures churn out laughs and shrieks of joy. Where incredible acts of wonder are enacted by trapeze artists, jugglers and magicians. Ultimately, the allure of the circus brings out the inner child in an adult unlike any other art form. 


Circus in the Universe replaces the giant circus tent by the immense fantasy of the cosmos and the universe. Where the stars, planets and galaxies play their part in a magical circus.




The collection is a nostalgia-filled tribute to the circus of yore. The collection comprises hand-drawn illustrations in black and white and colour – inspired by vintage masters like French artist Georges Melies and his 1902 masterpiece 'A Trip to the Moon'. The collection beautifully uses characters and elements of the circus to bring about a childlike wonder within the viewer. The word Circus is derived from the Greek word 'krikos' meaning circle – and the circular treatment is prominently used across the collection. It is for adults and children alike.


Collection is available as –

Prints of various sizes

  • Stationery

  • Cushions

  • Scarves

  • Playing Cards

  • Greeting Cards

  • Colouring books