The beginning

Little Meera questions her mother who is my which she gets a reply it is her God, Sri Lord Krishna...And...the love story begins


Meera is tuned into her love.. She is in sync with her God..Her love story has begun

With him

She feels Him and His romance all over.


She is compelled to marry Prince Bhojraj

The husband

He feels dejected as Meera belongs only to her God.

In praise

Singing his hyms always.

In love

Her arms wide open to recieve all that He blesses her with

Holy intoxicant

The envious try to poison her,kill her which she happily accepts as His wish.


Her guru blesses her behind whom she sees Him again.

Power of Purity

Her purity transforms her sister in law who tried poisning her,she repents and asks Meera for forgiveness.

The call

She hears Him calling her,and she follows and responds back.


She sees all his forms, the Narsimha with the lion head.

The path

Her journey will last till finds Him.

In His Presence

She lives in His thoughts always.

The God-Her lover

Krishna, the God,enjoys al the attention Meera gives him.


Shes in unison with her God.Her eyes have the peacok feather which is a symbol for Lord Krishna and shes playing his flute now..Shes Full of Him.

This is a collection of drawings dedicated to the Indian Saint and poetess Meerabai.It is a visual depiction of her love story with her God, Lord Krishna. She was immensely in love with him and believed He is her only husband. A visual essay on her life experiences and episodes.